Scoble: “iPhone took sexyness away from the Tablet PC”

Robert Scoble attended a blogger talk at IFA fair in Berlin yesterday (leading consumer electronicx fair) and I talked with him for some mintes after the panel. From the conversation:

Do you expect a Mac Tablet (or iTablet or whatever) later this year? There have been these patent filing news

“Yeah, there are rumors again and again, they have the technology, they have multi touch but it is not easy to bring ink to each application.” When saying that he didn’t look like “Hey I’m not gonna tell you that I have seen something but cannot tell anyone.”

Why isn’t Tablet yet mainstream?

“It’s the developers, they do all their stuff with the keyboard, many of them even don’t touch the mouse at all, they don’t think ink, even at Microsoft. And with the iPhone Apple took away a lot of the sexyness of the Tablet PC – multi touch and so on.”

The rest of the conversation wasn’t Tablet related.

Here a picture from the panel:

Scoble in Berlin at IFA blogger discussion

Scoble in Berlin at IFA blogger discussion