Ballmer shows prototype of HP slate

There was much speculation close to CES if there were an exciting slate to be shown.

At the end of his keynote Steve Ballmer (CEO Microsoft) showed off three small devices – from Pegatron, Archos and HP.

Only very little info has been revealed:

Those three devices would be “portable as a phone, powerful as a PC, perfect for reading, surfing and taking entertainment on the go.”

About the HP slate:

It is a prototype. “It is coming this year.” Has touch (finger input) and “full colour”, OS is Windows 7.

Not a lot info, no specs (screen looked like 7 inch), no code name, no battery life info. Ballmer opened some book pages (Amazon Kindle PC software), started a local video, the screen auto rotated.

Comment: As the upcoming Apple media device is close to be released this is a pretty lame presentation and in no way stealing attention. Well, the announcement of Project Natal for Holidays 2010 is the real big news of Microsoft’s CES keynote.


1. Barb Dybwad has a photo coming with her blog post.
2. jupigare has two official photos on

3. HP has a 17 seconds teaser on YouTube with typical user scenarios (browse through fotos, e-reading, multi touch capabilities):

4. YouToube account hpcomputers has an 4 min video with HP CTO Phil McKinney in which he says HP would have „some big announcements around slates“ with 7 to 10 inch slate devices (at around 35 seconds) – I hope he doesn’t mean Steve Ballmer’s keynote:

5. As you may have realized, there was no further “major announcement”. Regarding the HP slate, Tim Conneally reports for Betanews:
The “top secret HP tablet which Microsoft told me was flown in just hours before the event and flown right back out again.”