Tablet PCs auf der Cebit 2010 – Tablet PCs at Cebit 2010 [U]

Vom 2.-6. März findet in Hannover die in ihrer Bedeutung stetig sinkende, aber dennoch “weltgrößte” Computermesse in Hannover statt, die Cebit. Ich werde daran teilnehmen und Euch die neuesten Tablet-Modelle zeigen.

In den nächsten Wochen wird dieser Beitrag aktualisiert und zu einer Art Tablet-Führer für die diesjährige Messe ausgebaut. Sprich: Welche Tablet-Modelle von welchem Hersteller gibt es wo zu sehen? In der Regel gab es ja auch einen Stand bei Microsoft zum Ausprobieren der aktuellen Modelle verschiedener Hersteller, Anfrage läuft, ob das auch in diesem Jahr der Fall sein wird.

First week of March big (but each year smaller) part of IT industry comes together in Hannover, Germany, at the Cebit fair. Over the coming weeks I put together a list of Tablet PCs that will be shown at the fair. Expected this page to be updated from time to time.

Fujitsu (ehem. Fujitsu Siemens) H4/E20 Business-Tablet Lifebook T900 (13,3 Zoll) US Shop
GER Shop (noch nicht erschienen)
Dell H2/A26 Ruggedized Convertible Latitude XT2 XFR (NOT exhibited, only non rugged XT2 GER Shop (Großkunden)
Samwell H17/G27 Ruggedized Slate,
Ruggedbook SR820, SR800, MCA9  
Handheld Europe H6/D27 Ruggedized Slate Algiz 7
Algiz 8

Rhinotech H17/E30 Rugged slate TB-91  
Acer H15/F20 (channel, press only) Consumer Convertible Aspire 1420P
Aspire 1820PT (Prototype)
Acer DE US
Asus H17/H16 Consumer Eee PC T91MT
Eee PC
Asus US
Archos H5/D21 Consumer Multimedia Tablet Archos 5 internet tablet, Archos 9 Archos
Concept International/
DT Research
H16/D62-1 Industrial Tablets DT Research DT312 und DT362 Homepage DE US
Gigabyte H17/E54 Consumer Convertible Netbooks M9x, T1000P/X (8,9 and 10’’) Homepage
Packard Bell H15/F38 (Channel, Press only) Consumer Convertible Butterfly Touch E Homepage
Wacom H3/C24H14/H44 SignageGraphic displays  Signature-TabletsIntuos4 Wacom Europe US
Psion Teklogix H6/C271 Industrial Tablets/ Vehicle mounted 8580
Robuste Fahrzeug-Tablets
Vehicle mount (US)

Device shown at Cebit without own booth

HP tm2 1090eg at Microsoft Booth Hall 4

Panasonic (ToughBook CF-C1 for press only)

Nicht auf der Cebit / Not exhibiting

Apple (iPad), HP (Mini 5012p, 2740p), Dialogue (Flybook V5/V6), Toshiba (M750), Mettenmeier, Xplore Technologies, Acturion (Durios V10), PaceBlade (SlimBook und PaceBook), Pegatron (“Slate”), Panasonic (hands-on ToughBook CF-C1(prototype) for press only), Motion Computing (C5, J3400)

Fujitsu: New 13.3 inch Tablet PC Lifebook T900 based on Intel’s Arrandale CPUs with Multi Touch, SSD and 3G options – not lightweight


At CES Fujitsu has unveiled the Lifebook T900, a new 13.3 inch (33.8 cm) Tablet PC (Convertible style) based on new Intel Arrandale platform. Coming with a choice of six different hard drives, five CPUs and three screens and also 3G modem it looks quite interesting though it is relatively heavy (2 kg). Fujitsu has not yet announced pricing and availability. According to an article on the T900 is „electronically identical“ to the T5010 Tablet.

According to the data sheet (English, PDF) there are two anti-glare models. One display is a touch screen for digitizer pen and multiple finger input (2 or 4 fingers, have ask press office for details), given the fact that the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 is pre installed. The other two displays types (“glossy” and anti glare) support digitizer pen input only. Fujitsu claims the 1280×800 LED display would be suitable “for enhanced outdoor viewing”. An ambient light sensor enables automatic adjustments of brightness.

CPU: Intels new Arrandale mobile CPUs with integrated graphics are used, based on the QM57 chipset, ranging from an unknown Celeron P4500 to Core i7 620M with 2.66 MHz. Note that only M, but not the more power saving LM CPUs are offered. Nevertheless Fujtsu claimes up to 6 hours of battery life with default 6 cell 5800 mAh (62.64 Watt) battery. Two memory slots for up to 8 GB of RAM – I would recommend to go for 4 GB from a price/performance standpoint.

OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit is pre installed, a downgrade DVD with Windows XP is included, Windows Vista 32 bit is supported (but now one except some corporations will want to use that).

Connectivity: 3xUSB 2.0, 1x GB LAN, 1 56k modem, 1 Memory card (SD/MMC/MS/MSPro/XD), 1 ExpressCard (34mm and 54mm supported), 1x Firewire, connector for Port Replicator. Bluetooth and WLAN are included, but no info yet which standards are supported.

Internal drives: HDs from 160 to 500 GB. Only the 500 GB internal drive offers 7.200 rpm, there is no performance info about the two 64 and 128 GB SSD drivers. Multi bay slot for DVD drive, second HD or second battery (3800 mAh for “three hours” of battery life).

Display Ports: VGA and HDMI (with up to 1920 x 1200 true color)

Pro: New CPUs platform, optional SSDs, 3G modem, Multi touch, anti glare display.


Relatively high weight of 2 kg, no USB 3.0 (not sure if that can be work around with an external PC card).

Driver Download

Downloads are already available on Asian Pacific site: Fujitsu T900 for Windows 7 x86 (32bit)

Fujitsu T900 front view