Windows 8: Blue Screen of Death is still alive – and blue

I’ve successfully installed Windows 8 on two Tablets: HP TC 4400, a four year old Tablet PC – all I needed was to update the inbox driver with the two year old Windows 7 driver from The rest was found by Windows Update. Took around 15 minutes to install from a USB 2.0 stick – a machine with 4 GB RAM, so I chose the x64 edition. All essential hardware detected and working, including the fingerprint reader for easy login. Fast boot not realized due to dual boot scenario (installed into separate partition, so existing Windows 7 machine still runs fine)

I’ve successfully installed Windows 8 (x86) on the Acer Iconia Tab W500 with AMD’s C50 CPU and 2 GB of RAM (of course I first updated to latest BIOS 1.14). Again, all working fine with inbox drivers and updates from Windows Update. That machine will be covered on to present you Win8 later this or next week. Windows 7 was erased, fast boot promise is real: only 10 seconds or less until login screen. Way faster than Win7. has now published hands-on video of Windows 8 on the Iconia Tab W500 here.

So I went ahead and used the same build on another test machine I currently have here, it’s the Intel Atom based Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 – and I ran into a blue screen. So here it is, the proof that Windows 8 blue screen is still alive – and blue:

I appreciate the :(. Text says “Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle and now it needs to restart”. Below in small letters: “You can search for the error online KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (fbwf.sys)” – So there is something wrong with the File Based Write Filter driver. Update: A simply reboot has resolved the issue. Windows 8 runs fine on the Q550, except that you have to install a ton of drivers manually (Authentec fingerprint, Intel SM35 chipset, Intel graphics, Softex OmniPass (with Win7 compatibility settings), N-Trig (though still yellow banged out after install with Win7 compatibility settings).

Downloads Windows 8 (Windows Developer Preview) – not Beta, not for production environment, backup your data first. Dual boot working fine on my HP tablet, though it makes booting much longer.