How to find Windows 7 drivers for Fujistu LifeBook P1610

As Windows 7 P1610 drivers are common search terms of readers coming to my site I briefly share this info with you:

Windows 7 is NOT listed when you go to the US Fujitsu site walking through the default steps.

So, use this way (either blindly with or with Google Translation enabled):

Go to German Fujitsu download site

Enter your P1610’s serial number in the empty box in the middle or click through the dropdown menus below.

Choose Notebooks – LifeBook – LifeBook P – P1610. See screenshot below:


There you get drivers for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Click to expand the Windows 7 entry and you automatically get a list of drivers, tools and BIOS. Click on „Alle Treiber anzeigen“ (show all drivers) to expand the list.


Click on Download of the needed driver and on the next page check the empty box of „Ich habe die AGB gelesen…“ (I have read the TOS), then the „Download software“ button is no longer greyed out.

From my experience with P1620 I would recommend not to install the Authentec drivers, not from Fujitsu nor from Windows Update.

And make sure you have the latest BIOS 1.15 installed before you install Windows 7.