Flybook again promises V6, and a new VM model with HDMI

Word coming in from Flybook on their current roadmap. Flybook was first to introduce stylish true mobile Internet Tablet PCs with low weight, 9 inch touch screen, integrated SIM card slot and full connectivity (WLAN, Bluetooth and GSM/GPRS modem, the famous A33i of which you can read a German review from 2005 here). They had several defects (very low battery life, lame CPUs (Transmeta, Celeron), mediocre displays, all at very high prices) but that has improved over the years.

In preparation for Cebit I asked Flybook for a roadmap (they won’t go to Hannover this year). This is what I have for you:

The Flybook V5, refreshed nearly 2 years ago (still at Intel Core 2 Duo U7600 but updated to Windows 7 OS) will finally have a successor, named V6. I had written about it 2008. At Cebit that year a Flybook representative had told me that they would launch the V6 when an ULV Core 2 Duo would be available. But despite new CPUs and even a newer CPU generation from Intel (Arrandale), there were still no signs of V6. So, let’s be careful and say: Flybook still plans to release a V6 Tablet. In the words of a spokesperson from this week: “Company’s focus is on refreshing current products that include the next-generation V5 (to be named the V6)”. And: “No word yet on the final choice of Intel processor (probably something from the ULV family).”

Regarding the non Tablet devices, we will see some new models: ”Flybook will be introducing the next-generation VM ultra-thin notebook PC in several versions, one of which is the cost-efficient VM Theory (VM-T)” for under 850 US-$. “The VM-T will not offer onboard 3G but will stick to 802.11b/g/n and BT 2.0.” It will have an HDMI port: “The updated CPU and GPU will enable HD video and fast computing while ‘on-the-fly.’”

Finally: “There will also be a couple of style enhancements that will gain a lot of fans.” So, that’s the promises, again. We’ll tell you when they release and deliver.

Regarding availability is given for the US, but in Europe the German shop has ceased operation. The explanation on the web site: Business has become impossible after European judges decided that online retailer must not charge the customer if he gives back an article after hefty usage. Meanwhile, the German domain is for sale.

Homepage Flybook V5 (US)

Driver download page for Flybook V5


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