Apple iPad hardware – what’s inside? has good hints

There are few people who have better or deeper insights into CPU technology than the Heise guys from c’t magazine in Hannover, Germany. Editor and abbreviation champ Christof Windeck has done some great research and put together several facts and logic to come to some credible hints about the Apple iPad hardware.

His main conclusions: Apple’s iPad Tablet seems to be powered by a System on Chip (SoC, at launch event called Apple A4) with ARM Cortex A8 single core CPU (1 GHz), a PowerVR SGX series 5 GPU and “a combination of (Mobile-DDR-)DRAM (Samsung, 600 or up to 833 MHz?) and NAND or NOR memory.

Fascinating argumentation in the article about why and what, go here for his German version or here for Google’s translation into English. Kudos, Christof.

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