Day 0: Apple Tablet to be announced in next hours – far more than just a “Kindle killer”


Is it hype? Pseudo religious misdirection? Well, there have been two successful mega gadgets, the world expects Apple to deliver for the third time. This time with an Apple tablet. Despite all the Vorfreude (pleasant anticipation), which will increase even more after the announcement: Yes, this will be a game changer and enabler, but there won’t be one device to rule them all. Even local and regional newspapers have covered the launch event in the past days, many, many people will realized: Oh, that is possible? Didn’t ever hear of Tablets.” – much, much broader customer base.

Liveticker for today: I recommend Macnotes’s Twitter account for such purposes:

German: Macwelt Ticker @macnoteslive

English: if you can read really fast, take this twitter list: Tech News People or simply follow Engadget

My wrap up for the “latest creation day”, some already posted in another blog posting and via Twitter:

I’d say we can expect several announcements around the Apple tablet (iSlate iPad):

  • applications for paid books and magazines (Kindle on more than just steroids), multimedia and news content mixed up and brought together in a new way – So it will not be simple apps in which media houses repackage the same stuff you can already get for free today with your browser (will do for media what iTunes did for music); think subscription models with which rebated devices to come;
  • stunning games with a whole new way of control, think sensor, think touch, tink big screen;
  • new gestures to control the device (imagine how you turn a page in a paper book), to be creative;
  • Oh, and it’ll be so light weight.
  • Talk to Tablet maker (Win/Lin) who’s got it: We’re investing in hard- and software, building an eco system – it just takes more time than Apple.
  • Talk to Tablet seller (Germany): touch web pad makers (400 dollar class) maintain a low profile, are waiting for Apple launch. We already get more and more calls from students; we expect a strong year, demand has grown constantly over the years; big question: will islate/ipad have potential for some enterprise scenarios apart of waiting rooms of lawyers and dentists or is it only for end customers? Microsoft didn’t care much for tablet eco system in past years. Me: are they shocked, paralyzed? – yes, you can say so. HP slate at CES was sign of panic. We’ll try to become reseller
  • Talk with Tablet PC maker (slate, not iSlate): Apple is successful because of integration (of hard- and software). We see lack of compelling Windows apps. Industry will rethink their strategy if Apple Tablet will be huge success.
  • Talk with Tablet PC maker (slate, not iSlate): iSlate success would encourage sw makers to dev. busin. apps for iPhone OS INSTEAD WinMobile (CRM, ERP)
  • Phone talk with a Tablet PC maker (Windows fraction). He’s happy that there will be an Apple iSlate – will be a boost for all Tablets.
  • As for the Amazon’s Kindle, it will have apps, too: You will be able to play HangMan, black and white, the US version, of course.
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