Apple sends out invites to “see our latest creation” – Tablet/iSlate event 27th of January

27th of January, for a German not a simple date, it marks the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp in 1945. This year, US president Obama will send out a state of the union address that day. But we should expect a tech event to dominate the headlines: Apple today has sent out invites to the press to „join us for an invitation-only event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco on January 27 at 10:00a.m” as reports. That’s 19.00 German time next week’s Wednesday.

“Come see our latest creation”

AppleInviteJan2010 Apple invitaion

Fox also claims to have spoken with an Apple source (before he would have received the invitation) saying that we should expect an Apple Tablet, a new (probably multitouch enabled) iLife 2010 and iPhone 4 (a new OS probably for the current and next iPhones and the Apple tablet).

I’d say we can expect several announcements around the Apple tablet (iSlate):

  • applications for paid books (Kindle on more than just steroids), multimedia and news content, not being simple apps to repackage the same stuff you can already get for free today with your browser (will do for media what iTunes did for music); think subscription models with which rebated devices come;
  • stunning games with a whole new way of control, think sensor, think touch, tink big screen;
  • new gestures to control the device (imagine how you turn a page in a paper book), to be creative;
  • oh, and it’ll be so light weight.