Fujitsu to add Windows 7 support for P1610 and P1620 Tablets

((Update March 2011: Please check my article regarding compatibility of Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Authentec fingerprint driver))

Perhaps you’re already running Windows 7 on your Fujitsu (Siemens) P1610 or P1620 Tablet PC. I for example have succesfully installed the x64-Bit version, but as RAM is limited to 2 GB, I see no value it that and will go back to x86 (32 bit) version these days as I want to reinstall to get a clean system ready for next Beta of Office 2010.

While looking for new drivers I found this document (PDF, 149 KB) which lists all the models Fujitsu is going to support if you install Windows 7 on it.

Good news: Following Tablet PCs are “supported”:

P1610, P1620, T4220.

Following Tablets are “fully supported”:

T1010, T5010, STYLISTIC ST6012

Being supported means, no yellow banged out devices with inbox drivers, drivers from Windows Update or drivers for Vista from Fujitsu website. Windows 7 x64 is “unsupported”, but it works, too. Even Sierra Wireless 3G on P1620. But using it with less than 4 GB of RAM makes no sense.

Being “fully supported” means systems are WHQL certified for Windows 7 and a complete set of drivers for Windows 7 is available.

Fujitsu promises BIOS updates for P1610, P1620 and T4220 for end of November. Stay tuned.

2 Kommentare zu “Fujitsu to add Windows 7 support for P1610 and P1620 Tablets

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  2. „using it with less than 4 GB of RAM makes no sense“

    so i just got a computer with 2gigs of ram, which is at least ten times the amount required to use a computer for most ordinary purposes, and now windows7 wants 4gig? what a load of rubbish! what happens next? will the average computer user need a quad core with 8 gig of ram just to browse the web and check email? Then it’ll be more processing power and more ram until when?
    this is all nonsense, and most folk never approach the limits of their system’s capabilities. the same sort of nonsense is going on with televisions, there being nothing wrong with the existing technology but capitalism demands that consumers be made to think they need new stuff, more pixels and higher audio bitrates even when human eyes and ears can’t tell the difference. where will it end? as soon as consumers all buy the „true high definition“ and bluray the manufacturers will have to pretend they have something even better when they don’t and when there’s no point.
    a ten year old computer with 512meg of ram is plenty for anything most computer users will do, and this will still be the case in five or ten years time. there are limits to the usefulness of speed and memory, and the p1620 with dual core and 2gigs of ram is overpowered for almost every user who will ever buy one.
    If a new operating system is an improvement it ought to use less resources for the same usefulness.

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