Flybook flying back to Germany

„We have a new company, a new management – and a new booth“, we were told at Cebit. OK, the booth was white instead of black, but some of the managemenet staff and some of the girls were the same as last year ;).

Instead of being 50-50 taiwanese-italian Holbe Dialogue (in insolvency), the Italians now are a subsidiary of Dialogue Technology Corp., but more important for a „tedesco“: Flybook is flying back to Germany.

Last year their German sales man left Flybook, now they have a new distributor, Guido Crott of confidelis GmbH & Co. KG, known for Older models are available in his shop, V5 at nearly 2500 Euros including Intel U2500 CPU and 3G (HSDPA/EDGE). Guido says to have V5 refresh model (with newer U7600 ULV CPU) listed very soon.

Guido is currently working on a new partner program so that the Flybooks will land in more shops all around Germany.

Flybook: V5 gets SSD option, successor V6 will be based on Montevina/Centrino 2 later this year

Flybook has updated its 8.9 inch Tablet PC model „V5“ at CES in January (Core 2 Duo CPU ULV U7600 with 1.2 GHz, Intel 945 chipset, 80 Gig default HD and 1.3 megapixel webcam), it is now available in Germany. At Cebit we heard that a SanDisk SSD will be available as an option „soon“.

V5 to be followed by V6 based Intel Centrino 2 platform

More interesting, Flybook is currently developing next incarnation of their stylish Tablets, to be called V6, Product Manager Moreno Lizzi told me at Cebit. The display will be improved, being „sunlight readable“.

More important, V6 will be based on new Montevina platform from Intel, Moreno said. He has no specific launch date but said, „as soon as there is an ULV version of the CPU“ – Intel plans to launch Montevina, also called Centrino 2, in June.

Other news: most popular colors among Flybook buyers are gold and pink, Flybook notebooks for European market are assembled in Italy, docking stations are considered, news bags are being selected.